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Founded in 1984 in Switzerland, the STAR Group is one of the world leaders in the areas of translation software and services as well as multilingual document management.

Focused on cutting-edge technologies that optimise the performance of its teams and the quality of its service offering, STAR is not only one of the leading LSPs worldwide, but is also a leading provider of software and digital solutions for the creation and management of technical information, translation, terminology as well as automated project management tools.

With this experience comes proven expertise, and we have built strong relationships with customers from a wide range of industries. We provide our customers with translation of their technical and marketing documentation, their software and websites, and their legal and financial texts.

The STAR Group has over a thousand employees in over 30 countries because we understand the importance of supporting technology with human skills.


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Thanks to its operational and data-processing capabilities, as well as a policy of intensive investment in research and development, the STAR Group offers its clients the most advanced technologies and an expertise that covers the entire document life-cycle.

The STAR Group continually delivers process improvements for large-scale documentation tasks; optimisations that are made possible thanks to the fully-integrated suite of digital tools offered (Product information Management, Computer Assisted Translation, Machine Translation, Workflow) and the benefits that are gained from the synergies of software development and translation services.


Our bank of qualified mother-tongue translators use STAR Transit, the computer-aided translation tool that we have developed. STAR Transit makes direct use of previously translated texts. These are saved in a translation memory, enabling similar or identical phrases to be located and used in any new text. Our CAT tool not only allows a significant reduction in translation lead times and budgets, it also ensures a more consistent, better quality end result by reusing translations and terms which have already been validated.

Supported by STAR products, our translation services allow us to provide you with great transparency when monitoring the quality of your multilingual documentation (via a validation interface), but also when monitoring deadlines and costs (via a tracking interface).

With more than 20 years of experience, STAR Paris, the French subsidiary of the STAR Group, is able to take advantage of this network of subsidiaries, to offer you their skills, and meet your requirements in terms of the urgency, quality and volumes of your documentation, which may well be considerable.

By carefully selecting reliable internal and external resources specifically for each of our customers, and by actively listening to your needs, we are able to provide you with a true partnership for resolving all your multilingual translation issues. We are more than happy to put your subsidiaries from across the globe directly in touch with ours, to help us shorten the learning curve in relation to your account.


Sometimes, adapting a sensitive message requires much more than a simple translation. This is why STAR also offers transcreation or copywriting services at different levels, to meet your needs.

Formatting and layout

No need to contact a separate communication agency! Simply send us your specifications, graphic charter, and print parameters, and we will take care of everything, providing you with translated native files with identical formatting, and the corresponding PDF file, ready to print.


Employing the right term is key to ensuring mutual understanding, a prerequisite for any kind of dialogue. This basic characteristic of language is all the more crucial when it comes to technical communication. Respecting your industry- and company-specific terminology safeguards the brand image your firm has built. STAR helps you to build your terminology databases, using your existing corpus of documents, with terms extracted in context, translated, and then validated by your subsidiaries. STAR then guarantees that this duly checked terminology is adhered to in all future translations we undertake for you, thanks to our checking tools.

Subtitling Dubbing Voice Over

In this era of multimedia content, the issue of translation requires specific knowledge, and STAR is perfectly placed to guide you through your dubbing, voice-over or subtitling needs. STAR allows you to choose a “voice” for each of the required languages, to ensure they correspond closely to the message and dynamic that you wish to convey in your videos, whether these are adverts, tutorials or in-house HR films.


The localisation of a product, application or software is a complex process, during which the customer and supplier of translation services must complete several steps in close collaboration. STAR monitors this process for its own software suite, localised in several languages, but also for the corresponding technical documentation. This means we are well placed to support you in the localisation process, to ensure consistency between the different content.


For interpreters, translation is a highly-pressurised process, with no revision stage, no chance for correction, and no way to backtrack. This level of responsibility presents a great challenge, one which STAR meets by choosing the right interpreter for each situation. STAR selects its resources carefully, taking into consideration the domain in question, the required language combination, and also the type of task required: simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, whispered or liaison interpreting, or interpretation for your trade fairs, meetings, conferences, presentations, training or interviews.

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 Our solutions


The STAR Group offers a complete range of software tools for translation and multilingual information management.

Fully-integrated, but also able to interface with other tools on the market using standardised exchange formats (XLIFF, TMX, MARTIF), STAR tools cover the entire document lifecycle.

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